The Reep dinner menu

The crème de la crème of northern German cuisine

These classics have made it onto our menu. Our mission is to cook those tried-and-tested dishes to perfection.

‘I’ve had this before, but it’s never tasted this good!’

Dinner menu


Colourful leaf salad

with orange mustard dressing, rocket, lamb’s lettuce, radish sprouts, garden cress, camelina oil, roasted nuts and croutons10.5

Pears, beans, bacon

Pear terrine, warm bean salad, crispy pork belly, accompanied by a sauce with lardons12.5

Grilled octopus

with fennel-apple salad, chive mayonnaise, and rye bread chips


Suckling pig - baked, cured, and pink-roasted

with pointed cabbage and apple in cream and malt beer14.5



Finkenwerder-style potato soup

Smooth and creamy with marjoram and croutons9.5



Roulade of organic Galloway beef

with potato-and-celery purée, green beans and roasted onion rings28.5

Wide ribbon noodles

in herb sauce with glazed vegetables, goat cheese, and sunflower seeds


Fried fish

Pike-perch fillet with chives-potato salad and tartar sauce


Hamburger Labskaus

Lobscouse with beetroot, a fried egg, pickled herring and gherkins19.5

Vegan lobscouse

with beetroot, vegan fried egg, vegan pickled rollmops and gherkins18.9

Hamburger Pannfisch

Pan fried catch of the day in a wholegrain mustard sauce with fried potatoes and a colourful salad28
Greetings from our partner city

Smashed Burger made from organic Galloway beef

on a brioche bun, with fried and braised onions, crispy bacon, cheese, fries, and Caesar Salad22.5

Yellowfin tuna tataki

with lentil puree and fermented pak choi34.5



Warm rhubarb cake

with vanilla sauce, quark mousse, and orange syrup


Franzbrötchen ice cream (vegan)

Cinnamon pastry ice cream with warm raspberries

Or a non-vegan version with advocaat or hot Valrhona chocolate



Valrhona chocolate pudding, vanilla sour cream, and strawberry10.5

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